Our Board (2011 – 2012)

Please accept a warm welcome from our UC CoM SNMA Executive Board. If you have an interest in getting involved or would like more information about our events or activities, please contact the relevant board member or executive officer. If you’re not sure, feel free to email a few of us! (Looking for last year’s Executive Board and associated committees? Click here)

We also have our pictures and a brief profile so you can get to know us a little! Don’t hesitate to say, “Hi!” (or maybe just ask us what the best Indian food around is!)

Not all our lovely officers have turned in their profiles, so check back again if you don’t see who you’re looking for! If you aren’t sure who you want to contact, you can simply email: snmauccom@gmail.com and we will make sure it gets to the right officer or committee.

LAST UPDATED: 10/13/2011

Co-Presidents: Danisa Clarrett and Ali Azad

Vice President: Avante Roberts

Treasurer: Sheila Boateng

Secretary: Stacey Williamson

Historian: Sindhu Ravipati

Webmaster: Sam Kim

Social Chair: Nancy Fru

MAPS Chairs: Sung KimSam Mukasa

EndZone Club Chairs: Drew Rogers, David Calderhead, Vai Manickam

Community Service Representative: Xu Gao


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